International public bidding processes were implemented in accordance with the regulations, rules, policies, and procedures applicable to UNOPS. This is a public international procedure that guarantees open competition under equal conditions.


UNOPS procures in accordance with the following international principles:

UNOPS procures in accordance with the following international principles:

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    Optimal value for money

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    Impartiality, integrity, and transparency

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    Effective competition

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    Consideration of the interests of UNOPS and those of its partners

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Bidding stages

Pre Acquisitions

Pre Acquisitions

1. Strategy and planning

2. Establishing requirements

3. Suppliers identification



4. Tender

5. Management of bid submissions

6. Evaluation

7. Review and award

Post Acquisitions

Post Acquisitions

8. Contract finalization and issuance

9. Logistics

10. Contract management

Quality inphographic

For purchases, it is acquired at the best price without neglecting quality

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Calls for International Public Tenders

Llamados a las Licitaciones Públicas Internacionales

Claves contratadas por UNOPS

Codes retained by UNOPS

Access the list of keys and suppliers contracted by UNOPS for the acquisition of medicines and medical supplies and devices for 2021 and 2022, where you can find: code, description, unit price and quantities requested.

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Reports on the opening of international tender offers for the procurement of medical supplies and devices

Informes de apertura para la compra de medicamentos e insumos y dispositivos médicos

UNOPS ISSSTE Tacuba 2022 08 22 JVD06361

UNOPS implements new information system for suppliers

As of August 11, 2022, UNOPS launched a New Information System for suppliers where they are managed from referrals, receipts, invoices and payment processes, making management much more efficient and reliable.

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